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Comcast Customer Service


Comcast Company Detail:


The familiar Comcast Corporation (formerly registered as Comcast Holding) is an American global telecommunications group, which is the world’s largest broadcast and cable television company in revenue. AT & T is the largest cable TV company and the largest home internet service provider in the United States and the country’s third largest domestic telephone service provider, it is the second largest pay-TV company, Comcast services in 40 states and the District of There are American residential and commercial clients in Colombia( Comcast Customer Service ).


The headquarters of the Comcast Corporation is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Comcast Contact Number


Comcast Customer Service Phone Number:1-800-391-3000

Fax Number for Corporate Office: 1-877-543-3961



Comcast Corporation
Comcast Center
1701 JFK Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Comcast Bill Payment


Paying your Comcast Business bill is easier than ever with online bill pay. Once you have activated your online account, you can make payments, view your billing statements and more – all online. You may also contact us to speak to a representative and make a payment over the phone.

Note: Only the Primary Manager or Billing Manager can access billing information online.


To Manage Your Billing Account

Sign in to My Account and select Bills from the Manage Account menu. On the Bills homepage you can:


To pay your bill online

Step 1:


Login to My Account and click the payment button in the Billing section.


Step 2:

Comcast Bill Payment

Select Past due, Balance, or Pay other amount, then enter the amount to pay.

You can choose to schedule the payment up to 60 days in advance. Set the date as desired and select Continue.

Note: You must have an active online account and at least one payment method stored in your account to schedule a payment.


Step 3:


Select your bill payment method and enter the Correct billing information then select Continue.


Step 4:

Comcast payment Review

After Review the information provided and select Confirm when you are finished.


To Edit or Cancel a Scheduled Payment

To modify a scheduled payment before the payment date, open Scheduled payments in the BillSummary section. Click the pencil icon to edit or click Cancel payment to cancel, then follow the appropriate steps.


Comcast Password Retriever


You can change your own password as a manager or as a user. The Primary Manager and Services Manager can also change the password for other users on the account.

Forgot your username
Forgot your password
Change your own password
Change a user’s password

Forgot your username

Step 1:


On the My Account sign-in page, select username.


Step 2:


Enter your billing account number and billing zip code or billing phone number. Select the I’m not a robot checkbox. Select Continue.


Step 3:


Your username will be displayed. If there are multiple users on the account, select your username from the list, then select Sign In.


Forgot your password

Step 1:


On the My Account sign-in page, select password.


Step 2:


Enter your email address and select Continue.


Step 3:

If you have a mobile phone number associated with your account, you may select the Send Password reset code to have a code sent to your phone, or enter the answer to your secret question and enter your zip code. Select Continue.


Step 4:


Enter and confirm your new password. Select Continue.


Change your password

Step 1:


Sign in to My Account and select Edit at the top right of the screen.


Step 2:


Select Reset password.


Step 3:

Enter your current password. Enter and confirm your new password and select Save. You will receive a password change confirmation.


Reset another user’s password

Only the Primary Manager or Services Manager can change another user’s password.

Step 1:


Sign in to My Account and select Users from the Manage Account menu.


Step 2:


Select Settings under the user whose password will be reset.


Step 3:


Select Reset password.


Step 4:

Copy the new password and provide it to the user so they can sign in. If they would like to change their password to something else, they can sign in with the new password and select Edit at the top right of the page.



Comcast Contact Email


Comcast Customer service Email Address: Click Here Comcast Email

Contact the Comcast Board by e-mail : Click Here Comcast Board

Comcast (XFINITY) Customer Service Forum : Click Here Comcast Forum

Chat live with a Comcast technician : Click Here Chat with a Comcast technician

Find answers to common questions : Click Here Xfinity Support


Comcast Social Media Contact Information


Corporate Customer Service on Twitter : Click Here Comcast Twitter

Corporate Customer Service on Facebook : Click Here Comcast Facebook

Comcast LinkedIn Company Page : Click Here Comcast LinkedIn


Comcast Contact Form:


To access Contact Form : Click Here

Comcast Contact Form


Comcast Promo Code & Deal offer


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Comcast Funding Round:


Funding Round : We are updating soon.


Comcast Acquisitions:


Date Acquired Amount
Jan 3, 2017 Watchwith Unknown
Jun 23, 2016 iControl Networks Unknown
Mar 7, 2016 OneTwoSee Unknown
Sep 15, 2015 Contingent Network Services Unknown
Jun 4, 2015 Visible World Unknown
Jul 14, 2014 PowerCloud Systems Unknown
Mar 2, 2014 FreeWheel $320M (terms undisclosed)
Feb 13, 2014 Spectrum Unknown
Jan 29, 2011 NBC Universal Unknown
Mar 16, 2010 Unknown
Feb 2, 2010 New Global Telecom Unknown
Oct 7, 2008 Radiance $5M in Cash
Aug 5, 2008 DailyCandy $125M in Cash
May 14, 2008 Plaxo $150M (terms undisclosed)
Feb 8, 2008 Vehix Unknown
Apr 11, 2007 Fandango $200M in Cash
Apr 3, 2007 Patriot Media and Communications Unknown
Jul 31, 2006 Adelphia Communications Unknown
Jun 27, 2006 thePlatform Cash
Mar 25, 2004 TechTV Unknown
Jan 2, 2002 MediaOne Unknown
Nov 16, 1999 Lenfest Communications Unknown
Apr 7, 1999 Jones Intercable Unknown
Feb 19, 1999 Greater Philadelphia Cablevision Unknown
Feb 11, 1998 American Cellular Network Corporation Unknown
Jan, 1996 Comcast Spectacor Unknown


Comcast Investment:


Date Invested In Round
Jul, 2000 RespondTV undisclosed amount / Venture
Apr, 2001 MetaTV $28M / Series B (Lead)
Sep, 2002 MetaTV $21M / Series D (Lead)
Jun, 2007 BroadLogic Network Technologies $17M / Venture (Lead)
Oct, 2007 GridNetworks $9.5M / Series A
May, 2008 GridNetworks $10.5M / Series B (Lead)
Dec, 2009 Invite Media $4M / Series A
Oct, 2011 Kiwi Crate $2M / Seed
Jan, 2013 SnagFilms $6M / Venture
Nov, 2016 Grokker $7M / Series B
Feb, 2017 Universal Studios Japan ¥254.8B / Secondary Market (Lead)



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