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Frontier Communications Customer Service


Frontier Communications Corporation is a telecommunications company in the United States, which was already serving rural areas and small communities but still works in many large metropolitan markets. It was known as a civil utility company until May 2000 and as a citizen communications company until July 31, 2008(Frontier Communications customer service ).

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Frontier Communication Company Detail:


Frontier Digital Subscriber Line (based on coverage area) is the fourth largest provider of United States. In addition to local and long-distance telephone services, Frontier broadband Internet, digital television service, and the United States telephone line acquisition provides computer technical support for residential and business customers in 29 states.

In 1993, civil utilities expanded rapidly, announcing an agreement to achieve 500,000 rural access lines from GTE. In December 1993, it acquired 19,000 lines. DGF City’s Kasturi Frontier in the East / West, a copy of West lines in Utah, became a part of Utah’s civilian telecommunications. Gte Northwest lines in Idaho became part of IDHo’s civilian telecommunications company. The GTE South lines in Tennessee became part of the telecommunications company of Tennessee, while West Virginia’s line became part of the telecom company of West Virginia.

In June 1994, it has completed the acquisition of 270,000 lines, which was formerly part of New York’s Cantilever, which became part of New York’s civilian telecommunications company. In November of that year, citizens earned 38,000 lines. Lines in Arizona, part of the west coastal in the east, became part of the civilian telecommunications company of White Mountain, while lines in Montana became part of the citizen telecommunications company of Montana.


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In January 1995, the company acquired 5,000 access lines in California. These lines became part of California’s civilian telecommunications company

Citizens had announced in 1994 that it will receive 117,000 telephone lines and cable franchises in 2 states for $ 292 million from Altele. On June 30, 1995, he acquired two operating companies from Alltel. One of them was in Oregon and merged with the existing company of the citizens there. Second, the Mountain State telephone was in West Virginia and it was renamed as the Civil Mountain State Telephone. Citizens Mountain State Telephone later absorbed the operation of former GTE and adopted the names of the citizens in the telecommunications name. On September 30, citizens completed the acquisition of OTLL lines in Tennessee, which became part of the civilian telecommunications company of the voluntary state. On Oct. 31, Nevello Communications completed the acquisition of Oteltel, which operates lines for the Navajo community in Arizona, California and New Mexico.


Frontier Communication CEO and Headquarter:

  • Headquarters: Stamford, Connecticut, United States



On January 2, 1996, citizens in Pennsylvania took 3600 lines and 20,000 lines in Alltel’s California. On April 1 of that year, it acquired the Oteltel Nevada, which included 23,000 telephone lines. The name of the company was changed to the name of the civilian telecommunications company of Nevada.

Citizens acquired Ogden Telephone in 1997.

In 1999, citizens announced that they are planning to acquire 187,000 local access lines from GTE in Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and North Dakota for $ 664 million. After the merger of GTE and Bell Atlantic for making Verizon, the sale was closed.


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Lines in Nebraska were divided by GTE Midwest so that the citizens of Nebraska become a part of the telecommunications company. Lines were divided into Northern Dakota. Some became part of the Montana nationals, while Minnesota’s citizens became part of the telecommunications company, with the remainder of Minnesota’s Cantell of Cantell. The line in Illinois became a part of the civilian telecommunications company of Illinois.

Frontier Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: FTR) broadband, video, voice, satellite video, wireless internet data access, data security solutions, bundled products and service offerings, specific bundles for small businesses and home offices, and advanced business for medium and large Provides communication. 29 states business with nearly 28,000 employees

Frontier Communications is jointly the largest communications company focusing on providing services primarily in rural areas and small and medium-sized towns and cities. The Frontier was originally included in the name of the civil utility company in the State of Delaware in 1935, which was known as the Citizen Communications Company from 2000 to 31 July 2008.


Frontier FiOS

In addition to purchasing copper lines from Verizon, the Frontier acquired the Verizon-powered fibre optic system in some Eastern suburbs of Seattle, Tampa Bay area of Portland, Oregon, Florida, in Firenew, Indiana, Seattle. , Washington, Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and Central Florida (including Orlando). The company had named “FiOS” for fibre systems and licenses obtained from Verizon.

The initial transition was rocky, Frontier initially claimed that there was no plan to change it after the transition, but later an attempt was made to establish an institution fee of $ 500 for new television customers, some of Oregon’s Franchise negotiations in cities were outside, and rates increased by 50% in Indiana Frontiers later increased rates and withdrew the installation fee, but did not reciprocate the franchises in those cities who left it and lost Fios TV subscribers Not before.

In most markets, the Frontier FiOS service operates on the same technology and software, which is in the form of Verizon FiOS system.


Frontier Communications DSL broadband

Frontier Communication Router setup

In the rural areas, including parts of Upstate New York, Frontier Communications provides DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Internet service only to its customers using traditional copper wires. The Frontier’s DSL service is considered to be the worst in the industry by many users. [40] A Class Action lawsuit was filed in 2014 by West Virginia’s Frontier customers, alleging that they did not get the speed of download using Frontier’s broadband services.

In the most recent measurement of the FCC Broadband America report, the company’s DSL service was one of the worst performers in the survey, only 85% of advertised offers constant download speeds. Frontier Communications fibre service failed to consistently advertise the speed of December 10 In 2015, West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morris announced that the company agreed to $ 160 million Consumer-Protection Settlement, explaining that the deal was “a game changer for Mountain State”. In the context of that agreement, Frontier did not do any wrong thing(Frontier Communications customer service).

Frontier Customer service Phone number


Our mission is to be the pioneer in providing communications services for residential and business customers in our markets we are committed to delivering innovative and reliable products and solutions with an emphasis on convenience, reliable service and customer satisfaction. We offer various kinds of voice, data, and television (TV) services and products, some of which are available on a standalone basis, and others available as a bundle or packaged solution. We believe that where we provide service and innovative product status, the structure of our local engagement to work and stay will be isolated from our competitors in those markets in which we compete(Frontier Communications customer service).


Frontier Communication Customer Support Contact Number:


Residential customers call : 1.800.921.8101  , 1.877.462.6606

Businesses customer call 800-921-8102.


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Frontier Communications Acquisitions:


Date Acquired Amount
Apr 1, 2016 Verizon Wireline Operations $10.54B (terms undisclosed)



Frontier Communications Investment:


Date Invested In Round Partner(s)
Jul, 2006 Juice Wireless $4M / Series A





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  1. Your service has seriously went down hill since you purchased a chunk of Verizon, I was seldom ever with out internet and now, never know when Im going to have it and it runs at snail speed. Now after talking to a tech support last night, he went to see what the previous techs had done before we were disconnected he never came back and my phone has gone to bad static, i hung up and tried to call back , had no dial tone and only static. Still have NO PHONE SERVICE AND AM VERY UPSET FOR WHAT IM PAYING FOR THIS!!

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      You can Call Frontier Customer Service Residential customers call 1-800-921-8101

      Businesses customer call 1-800-921-8102.


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